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The Quiz

Play for free or pay entry fees and win real money in The Quiz of useless knowledge!! In this trivia game, you compete against real opponents, whether you are playing for free or for money. With skill, you can win big!

Purpose of the game: Answer 24 crazy questions in 4 minutes or less. The more correct answers you give in less time, the higher your score. If there is still time left at the end of the 24 questions, it will be converted into a bonus.
Whoever reaches the higher number of points wins the match.

Choose the correct answer from the 4 suggestions as quickly as possible. For every correct answer you get 250 points. The faster a question is answered correctly, the more points you will receive as a bonus.
Answer as many questions as possible within the 4 minutes total playing time. There are 20 seconds per question to answer the question. You will also receive a time bonus within the first 15 seconds of a new question.
100 points will be deducted for each incorrectly answered question.

"Other question" = With this joker you can simply exchange a question and thus do not have to answer the current question. The joker does not result in a deduction of points and can only be used once per game.
50/50 Joker = This joker removes 2 incorrect answers from the list. This leaves only 2 possible answers. This joker does not cost any penalty points either and is only available once per game.

Overview of points and time distribution:
- Each correct answer = + 250 points
- Time bonus = within 15 seconds of a question max. 100 extra points can be earned.
- No answer = - 100 points
- Wrong answer = - 100 points
- Use of jokers = only available once per game
Tournaments: Multiple participation is not possible in a tournament. Free game: In a free game, the questions are limited to a few 100. Money game: In a game of money, the game consists of many 1000 different questions.

Hint: Use both of your jokers to answer more questions in less time.