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Play for free against human opponents or pay entry fees and win real money in Rummy!

Keep your cool in Rummy, the card game of kings. Lay your cards faster than your fellow players as you compete live against several opponents in Rummy. Empty your hand as fast as you can, because every card you have left results in a penalty.

Aim of the game: Be the first to lay your 12 cards in chains of at least 3. You can lay cards of the same rank or cards from one of the 4 suits (diamonds, hearts, spades, or clubs) in order of rank. Whenever you want to lay cards, they must have a total value of 30 points.

When one player ends the round by laying all their cards, the cards that you were not able to lay are counted as a penalty. The game ends when a player has a penalty score of at least 50. The winner is the player with the lowest number of points. The cards have the following values:

Cards 1-10: Value according to rank
Jack, queen, king: 10 points
Ace: 11 points (The ace can also be laid as a 1 in the game.)
Joker: 20 points

If no player has exceeded the limit of 50 points at the end of 10 rounds, the player with the lowest number of points wins.

Step 1: Draw a card from the open (face up) or hidden (face down) stack on your turn. Arrange the cards as you want to lay them. Once you have a chain of at least 3 cards, they will be highlighted with a green line.

The first time you have 30 points in your hand that you are able to lay, the "Lay Cards" button appears. At the end of your turn, you must discard one card on the open stack.

Step 2: You can lay again on your next turn if your cards value at least 30 points. However, remember that you must always discard one card on the open stack at the end of your turn.

If you lay all your cards at once, your opponents' penalty score is doubled.

Joker: You can use the jokers in the game anywhere you want. As soon as you have laid your cards, you can swap the joker on the table for another card and reuse it.

Warning! You draw a card by clicking once on the open or hidden stack. If you double-click on a card in your hand, it is automatically discarded on the open stack and your turn ends.

Keep an eye on the time. You only have a few seconds to draw and make your move.

Hint: Take a risk by not laying your 30 points at once, but waiting until you are able to lay all your cards or until a fellow player has laid cards. However, you risk having all of your cards counted as a penalty if an opponent empties their hand first.