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Fowl Play

Don't be angry when the opposing chickens kick you out in a game of "Fowl Play".

Aim of the game:
Be the first to move all 4 of your chickens to the finish, or score the most points before the time runs out in order to win the game.
Try to collect as many bonus points as possible by hitting opponents and sending them back to their home squares, and frequently use black bonus spaces to gain additional points.

How to play:
Step 1: If all 4 of your chickens are still on your home square, you may roll the die three times until you are able to get a chicken in the game by rolling a 6. Then roll once more. As long as you still have chickens on your home square, you must move your chicken on your starting square forwards.

Step 2: Move your chickens clockwise around the board, advancing by the number of spaces on your die, until you reach the finish. You can also pass chickens which are already on the finish spaces.

If all your chickens are either on the home square or in the finish line, you may only roll the die three times to bring a chicken from the home square into the game if all your chickens in the finish line have moved up as far as they can go.

Home square:
The home square is where your 4 chickens start from. They cannot leave the home square until you roll a 6. If one of your chickens is kicked out of the game, you lose 25 points and the chicken returns to the home square.

Starting square:
The starting square is the space in your color where your chickens automatically enter the game from the home square.
While there are still chickens on your home square, the starting square must be kept clear so that you can bring them all into the game.

Finish line:
The finish line consists of 4 steps in your color. You can pass chickens which are already in the finish line to move further in.
In order to win the game before the time runs out, you must move all your chickens to the finish line. chickens which are in the finish line are safe from your opponents and yield bonus points.
First chicken in the finish line: 100 points
Second chicken in the finish line: 250 points
Third chicken in the finish line: 500 points
Fourth chicken in the finish line: 1000 points

Jokers, special spaces and actions:

4 times per game round, you can use a joker which guarantees that you will roll a 6.
Activate the joker by clicking on the permanently visible die that is displayed underneath your chat line.
You can use the joker to bring your chickens into the game faster, or employ it later in order to gain a tactical advantage. Please note that if you have activated automatic rolling, you will need to activate the joker before the turn passes to you.

6 pips:
Whenever you roll a 6, you get to roll again.

Space with 4 pips:
If you land on this space, you may move one chicken from your home square to the starting square and roll the die again. On your second roll, move the chicken from the starting square if you still have others left on the home square. If all the chickens from your home square are already in the game, you simply get to roll again.
You receive 25 points every time you land on a special space.

Space with star:
This space transports your chicken to the next star, allowing you to skip several spaces.
If the next star is occupied by one of your own chickens, the chicken you are moving will land on the next star space not occupied by one of your chickens.
You receive 25 points every time you land on a star space.

The following actions yield bonus points:
Every point counts! Kick your opponents' chickens out and use the special spaces extensively to gain bonus points. The more chickens you get to the finish, the more bonus points you receive.
Kick out an opponent's chicken for 25 additional points.

The following actions result in points loss:
You lose 25 points every time an opponent kicks one of your chickens out of the game. If you take too long and miss your turn, you lose 50 points.

Game time:
Games with 2 players last 8 minutes (i.e. 4 minutes per player).

Games with 3 players last 10 minutes (i.e. 200 seconds per player).

Games with 4 players last 12 minutes per round (i.e. 3 minutes per player).

Move time:
Each player has a certain amount of time available to make moves. This time runs out on your turn, which is indicated by a color filling the ring around your player character.
For example, if your color is red, the ring around your rabbit changes its color to blue. You can see how much time you personally have left by checking the "YOUR GAME TIME" display at the top edge of the screen and the colored ring around your player character.
Once you run out of time, you cannot make any more moves. However, your opponent may still have some game time left which they can use to keep rolling and moving and move ahead until their time runs out too.
Hint: Speed and strategy are decisive, and speed is most important of all. Move quickly and don't waste any time, because once your game time is up, you become frozen while your opponent can move around the board alone.