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Solitaire Reloaded

It’s a fast-paced, exciting twist on the classic card game. The player with the best tactics and skills will win. (Please note: you can only take part in tournaments once, because all contestants receive the same cards.)

Step 1: Sort the cards by rank, beginning with aces, by placing them on the 4 spaces at the top of the playing field. There are penalties for hesitating and going through the stack in Jack's hand more than once.

Step 2: To reveal cards in the lower playing field, stack the cards on top of each other in the correct order. Each card you add should be one value lower than the card above it, and the cards should alternate between red and black suits. Remember that you can only remove the top card.

Hint: (1) Exit the game before time if you get stuck. (2) Double click the lower edge of the playing field to break up the card stack.