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In this online version of a fun, classic sport, your goal is to guide a ball across a minigolf course and put it in the hole in as few moves as possible, all while avoiding the obstacles you face on each course. Be fast, accurate and strategic to lead yourself to victory in Minigolf 2--and maybe even make a few bucks!

Step 1: Before you start the game, make sure to successfully complete the tutorial at least once, so you are familiar with the course and get a feel for how to use the club.

Step 2: Master all 10 tracks one after another. You will only get a certain number of attempts for each and your time will be limited. So try to stay below your maximum of 8 possible tries. If you need more than 8 shots, you will be forced to move on to the next track immediately, losing your chance at bonus points. You will be given 20 seconds for each tee. When the time is up, your attempt will count, even if you failed to hit the ball in the required time frame.

Step 3: Place the mouse cursor behind the character. The red arrow on the ground indicates the direction of your shot. The further you pull the mouse back while holding down the mouse button, the harder you will hit the ball with your club. In order to adjust your angle, move the cursor back to the ball; as soon as the arrow is red again, your shot will not be executed and you can reposition yourself safely.

Step 4: In addition to your accuracy, time is also an important factor; the faster you complete a minigolf course, the more bonus points you'll get as a reward.

You can move your field of view around to see the entire track with the arrow keys. But keep in mind that this will cost you valuable time!

Hint: Should Paula be blocking your view, click "Mirror" to have her approach the ball from the other side.