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Jackpot Jewels

The goal of Jackpot Jewels is two-fold: first, find the right gems in order to unlock stars. Then, collect the right number of stars for the level target and gain as many points as possible before your 5 minutes are over.

The level target tells you how many stars you have to collect. There are 5 levels to play in total. Once you reach the 5th level, you keep playing at that level until the time runs out.

Step 1: Form chains of 3, 4, or 5 by switching 2 jewels. Clear the gems according to color following the level requirement in order to unlock stars.

Step 2: Move the black stars to the lower edge of the screen in order to reach the next level. Use special jewels to save time.

Special jewels:

Bomb: The gems that sparkle especially brightly are bombs which destroy the jewels around them. Make chains of 4 to generate your own bombs.

Color: The colored jewel clears all the other gems that have the same color as the one it is switched with. Make chains of 5 to generate your own color jewel.

Lightning: When you switch a jewel with a lightning symbol on it, all the other jewels in the same row and column are destroyed.

Falling star: The jewel that has a star with an arrow pointing downwards is a falling star and makes stars drop down 3 spaces.

Stop the clock: The jewel with the clock symbol stops the clock for a few seconds when you switch it with another gem.

Super bonus: The jewel with the plus symbol is a super bonus which is applied to your score.

Multiplier: When you reach the level target, the number of stars you have collected is applied to your score as a multiplier.

Bonus: Special jewels that have not been used give you bonus points at the end of a level.

Hint: If you don't know what to do, click on the "Hint" option to receive a suggestion for your next move.